Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Week 4 Pt 2

     Amazon is a trusted website that has been changing the consumeristic market we live in today. It changes how people trust in buying products there before actually going in store. Now instead of spending countless hours trying to find the best deal; we can just go on our phone and look up what we want, change the filter low to high, and find the greatest deal out there. This website is effective by the way they are able to work so hard to have a trusted name, or a form on monopoly on the internet selling market. 
      Some of the simple principles of good design are showing a few products they sell, what I was recently looking at, and clear layout to where everything is. Obviously it took some time to get this page to where is was, but realistically the brand of amazon created their own individual unique look for their page by tweaking it overtime periods to slowly make it better, and better for the customers.
       What makes me comeback to this page though is not just the simple design layout, but the work and trust this company built for the people. I feel insured in finding the best deals, my package will arrive on time, and that I know when I purchase a product I can get my refund even if something goes wrong.
    This site not only has the number one drones in the market currently, but has worked the past 4 year to gain that trust. The page has a similar close design to apple, featuring newer products the moment you open up the page, and showing a small neat, clean picture of the different products they sell. It is somewhere people can trust to buy their drones from, and that they are getting the real product when they are about to drop a lot of money on it.
     Some simple designs they do really well is the overall layout of the page being clear what they sell, what is brand new, and the best current deals on their products at the moment. They made quick click buttons to different categories if people already know what they want to buy, but also offer tips of different options depending on the type of use needed for the drone to begin with.
    Why I continue to go back to this page is the similar reason like Amazon, the trust factor. Dji has made a product that is the first go to used product in the drone market, and worked years on consistently improving their products themself. I know when I am purchasing this product, especially being super expensive, that the drone will arrive in time, not damage, and not be a knock off brand. I feel trust to put my money to the website, compared to other sources like ebay for example.


Week 4 Part 1

The problems I have noticed on this website was how the design was hard to look at, the information was clear, but the moment someone would start scrolling through the page there were glitches. The site in general does not seem trust worthy at all to begin with, and pictures on the page seem just randomly scattered all over the page throwing off the reading getting confused what the product they are selling is.

Have you ever heard of the bigger the better? This site sort of proves that wrong in a way. So much information on the home page made it so confusing on what this company is even offering. Scrolling down I started to notice the blurry photos on the page that were throwing me off from the original text. Out of those two problem, my biggest problem with this site though how outdated it is. The fact someone with little to no knowledge be able to make a website look more impressive with little effort now makes this page seem awful overall.

This site has made the information easy to process with little to no ease. They have information clearly laid and spread out evenly over the entire home page. Scrolling down there was clear visuals that presented the products, or deals they were offering. I really enjoyed how the page was showing their product either in video or photos on a slide right off the bat. It demonstrated what their product is, and who it is made for.

Right off the bat, I was so impressed by the simple layout presents more information about the products that are offered, the information needed to know, and how spread out each individual category is. It was nice when I got to click on different pages and right at the top had a layout of the different options of those category products.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Week 3 Part 2

Business 1: Cinematic Diaries
1. Cinematic Diaries
4. The founders, and the company itself uses the social media platforms like youtube and instagram a bunch
5. Feb 1, 2019
6. The utilize their business through social media to showcase the service, and work the provided to other clients. It shows the quality they make, and the effort that goes into each photo/video

Business 2:
1. Epicdemic Sound
4. Their entire business is built on social media, and creators. It is a subscription platform business that offers creators to use their music for videos.
5. Feb 5, 2019
6. Their entire business is and foundation is built on social media, and designed for social media. They built a community with trust, and hope for their success in the future.

Business 3:
1. Patreon
4. This business uses a form of social media as their business, where creators can post their own content, merch, courses, and products on this page with different tier ranks to purchase. Fans are able to donate to their favorite creators a dollar a month to support their creative careers. It utilizes all the social media platforms to do so!
5. Feb 5, 2019
6. What is really interesting about this company and their relationship with social media is how anyone following different brands that put out content on patreon will send their own audience to them.

Business 4:
1. Seek Discomfort
4. This company is a clothing brand, that rocks the message seeking discomfort each and every single day to express self, identity, and ideology.
5. Feb 5, 2019
6. Like most of the other companies I searched for, and personally want to start myself; they have a main focus on social media. They utilize the different platforms for advertisement, and for people to buy their product online

Business 5:
1. Gfuel
4. This last company I chose uses the social platforms with sponsor ships for creators who have a branded platform. All of their business is ran through online sells currently, but due to the big creators who talk about their products they are able to get a good income.
5. Feb 8, 2019
6. Their social media platforms have over a million followers combines, and with their Instagram almost passing the million mark on its own. They have gained most of their finance success due to the rate of how well they performed on the various social platforms

7. I discovered that social media is a huge tool to create a lot of successful business, and how most people get most profit based on their following. That the consumer market society we live in this day has people interested on what they are post sometimes more compared to the product itself. I love how different tools are able to show different formats. It is quite astonishing seeing how many people use instagram as their main source of advertisement for their product, or sponsor other online creators on youtube to talk about their brand in videos.

I also was looking at business that did relate to the field of work I wanted to be in which involves social media heavily! Finding out how the business grew from nothing to build successful platforms to help online influencers grow their individual platforms is really out of this world amazing. I do however believe still that social media marketing teams are big reasons to success stories for companies though.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Impact of a Wishing Well / / Faith Shepherd

I thought this might be a good place to showcase some of my work as well to other people who want to start a business. Thanks for your time guys! The Impact of a Wishing Well / / Faith Shepherd

Monday, February 4, 2019

Week 3 part 1

Have you ever experienced difficulty communicating with a business? 

I have been on a call for 3 hours with a company by the name of Genesis trying to get a hold of them. 

Does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved?

Absolutely depending on the business! I was able to reach the same company in 5 minutes through a direct message on Instagram.

Have you ever had a positive experience communicating with a business through social media?

Yeah I got a quick easy response to answer my questions. 

If it was your own business on social media, how would you respond to positive or negative comments?
I would respond to positive comments in a respectful thankful manner, but only would respond to the negative comments with constructive criticism. 

Describe what made your experience negative or positive.
It was all based on the customer service to be completely honest, I think that is the number one core value for a business to do well is how they interact with customers. 

Week 2 Who I commented on

I commented On Jason Bush, Brandon Garcia, and Lisa Haas