Monday, May 20, 2019

Week 17

One good semester coming to an end. It has been a long intense and at times dreadful experience, but nonetheless, an experience that I have finally gone through. Social media is always changing with various articles stating many facts that Facebook is no longer a tool for the new generation but an old relic from the past, and I believe that to a certain degree. I necessarily do not believe I will ever use facebook ever again after this class but I do truly understand the market currently on the app. For my personal real business on, I have gotten actually some work outside this class from older customers. I have not been using social media for my business fully yet due to factors of wanting to send it fully off at the perfect time with all the right tools in place. With content lined up to be posting for months which I am currently have been in the progress of doing

Social media is always changing though, having to stay on top of what is the new, hip thing with focusing really hard on where your target market will be. My current target market is b2b, with realtors. People who are business agents in the San Diego area who is yearning for cutting edge videography to sell their property in the best, most effective way possible. Our market is slightly more difficult to capture due to the fact that it is a business to business (B2B for short) service. I will focus exclusively on real estate agents/agencies in San Diego with the primary target of higher end realtors that contain a large number of agents and a great variety of properties.

I think what I learned most from this class is that everything is a process in this life. Social media I have already known the successful strategies using the platform as a business from people like Gary V, and other amazing influencers. I had already used different media before this class as services and tools for business due to the fact of owning my own company being a videographer. This taught me the most is really to find one media to grow on first instead of spreading myself thin. Doing more research outside this classroom creators like Jessie Driftwood, Peter Mckinnion, Casey Nesistat, and Methodbox would agree. They all focused most on one area to make really good content versus multiple different platforms making okay content. Would you want to see someone with 10,000 followers on Instagram with really amazing quality content versus 100 on each platform with okay content. People buy quality, ease, and comfortability.

With that said I do believe it is wise to branch out as well when you grow on one platform. It makes the process of growth ten times easier if you have 10,000 followers on one platform to transition to another. I think starting out on Instagram is one of the easiest ones due to the fact it is the most useful media for consumers and business alike. After growing a following on Instagram some might consider Youtube to connect to a more human relateable level with their fans or followers. Other could consider twitter due to the fact of how instant connection is. The fact you can respond to 10 people in 10 minutes about issues of the service or product versus tradition call time of 10 minutes makes more ease for the customers.

Overall I have taken a lot from this class, I would wish we would focus more on the newer apps like Instagram so I could have possibly taken more from it, but I do respect the fact at remembering where the media started from. How business grew, and keep growing on this platform. The most important thing I learned from this class was giving Facebook more of a chance that I once have done in the past. Facebook does not seem like the best tool, but there is still an open market there with people from my target market that I could reach. So, in the end, I may not put a majority of my eggs in that basket, but it will never hurt to put some over there for more outreach to different clients. I enjoyed this class, and can not wait to see what all my classmates do in the future.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Week 16 part 1&2

Part 1:

This last semester I learned a lot about the different platforms, where my target market is at, what apps they use, my preferences on the various platform to use as a social media business tool. I really indulge this experience learning the endless disposal of our tool kits on social media. How we are able to view analytics, and control, where are ads, are going. I have enjoyed the most was learning more about Instagram and how it is one of the most popular apps on the market at this current moment. I learned how a majority of my target market is on this app, and that the entire Facebook process is one that I am a little excited for it to be the end. I plan to start my marketing plans this June, and July as the future continues on with market ads, highlight reels, letter campaigns, and post on Instagram. I plan to only post maybe once or twice on a consistent base for Instagram with higher quality content for my platform that should outperform competitors. My goal for this June is to be uploading one video to Youtube on my personal platform to grow a following on every Sunday at 12pm, and film/edit these videos in the week. On Friday's I would like to upload one post every other week to Instagram of a video or high-quality post about my work or progress making videos. On the other weeks that I am not posting to Instagram, I am trying to upload Podcast episodes on to show the progress of growing a following and people trying to grow their own. All during this time, I am still doing consistent client work with realtors, and music managers to produce high-level production videos.

Part 2:
I commented on people's week 15 post because I will have zero access to the internet by the time people post week 16, and the people I commented on was; Arianna's, Elena, and Cristina

Updated: I commented on week 16 for Jason, Elena's, and Mary.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Week 15

After doing the activity, liking the pages, and indulging other Facebook business's...nothing happened to my page in analytics. I personally just do not see my target market for videography, cinematography on Facebook. Facebook is a dead social media, and will remain dying for the young generation. Everyone transitioned to Instagram, and it has been the thriving social media along side Youtube. With that said for this weeks project I got zero results, no new resolutions, and just disappointed with using a old system that just has not been working anymore for b2b business.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

week 14

Even though it is a little blurry I learned all the process of how to post, create ads, and have that ad show to my target market. I did this multiple times, and the process is fairly easy once I created whom my target market is. I was then just able to repeat the process getting people to visit my website. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Week 13 part 2

The different kinda of facebook advertisement are domain ads, multi product, offer ads, video ads, lead ads, and sponsored mentions. Personally speaking with my brand I would almost only use the offer ads, and video ads. I would like to have real connections with my clients and offer them deals for my services to make them wanting to keep coming back for more. I currently have a market plan to snail mail letters that are designed to their company with nice ink signatures, and wax seal with a custom logo integration meaning we mean quality. I don't necessarily believe with my personal type of business consistent advertisement would need to be pushed out because quality of service will speak for itself. I do however do see the importance and would advertise once or twice a month with my certain type of b2b style service. I think I would advertise when I see a gap in the market the most for different kinds of business. I would be a hard competitor trying to offer realtors faster turn around times, better quality, at a cheaper price. I would be post very specific ads to different client tell, and make sure I research what holes need to be filled without spending more than 10-15 dollars doing so.

Week 13 part 1

5 Similar Business

Seems to being a solid jobs from the outside perspective, but just continues to post the same post in different ways on their page which could be in a sense a tad bit annoying as a customer seeing things over and over again. 
They use social media in a very effective way, and everything seems like they take careful consideration to what they post making sure it is of upmost highest quality. 
Probably one of the best companies with their use of social media due to the professional look on everything they post. 
They seem more or less very new to medias and that they do not truly understand the certain attention their target audience would be wanting in social media pages. 
Showcases the products very nicely, and presents his work in a clean organized way where you would just want to hire him. 

Advertising on social medias/impact on traditional & New
The things that draw my attention where the purple cow being obvious, quality of their market standing out, and something out of the ordinary showing why to go with them as a company. I get annoyed by the constant repeated ads that are plane, and bland. With no special reason or explanation why I should have this service or product I feel no worth of owning/buying it. The tradition media does not seem easy quick call to action moment when I am on social media it is a couple clicks away to purchasing something with such ease. This can be scary to come to think about how markets can make us consume so much of what they offer and control our decision when it becomes so easy to purchase the product or service within 3 clicks or less. Tradition Media does not seem to call me to any shape of action to make a quick purchase. Normally it is looked as something annoying or redundant when I will just want to get back to the normal program. Newspapers or coupons can be useful in ways however because that does get me in the shop if I decide to go in the first place. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Blog post 12

Recently after starting my actual marketing plans for promotions on my current videography, I found some other online marketing plans similar to yelp for reviews to be useful. There is this an app called thumbtack that shows professional services or business's near you. It offers them ratings, and reviews to see how well companies are doing.

A couple plans I decide to use for my services are the podcast streaming through anchor, and the other one I am currently trying to reach out and start is the app thumbtack for my videography video service.